Throwback Thursday: Swimming: “F*cking Sh*t” Momma

Here is another oldie but goodie to kick off the summer of 2020 – although we might not see in the inside of a public pool for awhile yet…

I came up out of the water and wiped my eyes off so I could scan the pool. Treading water in the deep end of the rec center pool, I tried to locate my daughter as the waves grew larger. Kids on inner tubes bounced above increasingly larger mountains of water created by the pool’s wave system. It took me a minute to locate her in the shallow end of the pool, bobbing crazily in a red life jacket, her head poking out above a clear, over-inflated inner tube. Our eyes met.

“Fucking shit,” her sweet little mouth formed the words as she glared at me.

Not the last time I would hear those words over the course of the two hours we were at the pool. They have become my daughter’s new favorite way to irk me when I’m not doing what she wants me to do. I’ve discovered that the only ways to reduce her use of these new words is to surprise her with random outbursts of the words in conversation and ignore her when she uses the words. Slowly, their attractiveness as one more way of naughty-making is becoming less appealing.

“Hey Momma! If you don’t come over here and carry me, I’m going to say F-u-c-k,” she announced from the pool stairs.

I swam small laps, as some strange little 6-year old sat on the pool stairs repeating “fuck” over and over. Whose child was that? What a weirdo.

Eventually, the cursing died down and I swam over to her. She hopped on my back and we floated around together. “Momma, I love you more than anything in the world,” she whispered in my ear.


4 responses to “Throwback Thursday: Swimming: “F*cking Sh*t” Momma”

  1. I went to a seminar when I was teaching that said you need to use the word in an immediate conversation with your child to take its power away. I did it several times with words like shit and damn . I only had the nerve to use fuck once and then thought that might be too extreme. I’d say “When you say shit it makes me think you can’t think of really good words to express your feelings. Saying shit is not a word we use here. If you like to say shit, you may go into the bathroom and close the door and say it as much as you like. However you may not say shit in the classroom.if I need to I can call your parents and see if they need to pick you up so you can see if they agree that shit is not a word to use at school. “ Honestly it always worked. I had to go wash my own mouth out afterwards but it usually cured that child.

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    1. I love that! Yes, I’ve found when I use it in a normal conversation with her it’s not as exciting for her. 😊and she is using it less. She likes to shock and awe. I think having the second option that you mentioned available will be great to use as well, especially if the conversation is around other people. Thank you Dawn!!!❤️


  2. This is Eli too. Luckily most people can’t understand him and he can’t say the /k/ sound so he says fut. He also calls me stupid blockhead at the top of his lungs in public places on a regular basis. I am sure I am
    Getting judged by not even reacting. :-/

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    1. Thank you so much for this….I have friends who are horrified by her behavior. It’s good to know other moms experience this too. ❤️


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