My name is Shelley and I am a single mom. After my second unsuccessful marriage, I decided to give single motherhood a go, realizing that having a child was more important to me than having a partner and I wasn’t getting any younger. I crossed my fingers and jumped into the adventure, hoping that I would have a little better luck as a parent than I did as a spouse.

With the help of a fabulous medical clinic, I was able to get pregnant and give birth to my first child, a boy, 13 years ago. When he was 18 months old, I became pregnant with a second child, a girl. I never got to experience the so-called “joys” of going through either pregnancy with a partner. For a long time, that bothered me. I felt as though my kids were missing a critical piece to their childhood. My son used to tell his friends I hated daddies, and I’ve been asked countless times by kids and adults of all ages about where my kids’ father is. I’ve never gotten good at answering these questions gracefully, even when the asker was barely out of diapers. Truthfully, while it was a hot topic of conversation when they were little, they don’t even seem to notice anymore. The missing parent angst does continue to spur me to take on too much, get them involved in too many activities, drive too much, and spend too much money, in order to provide things for them that this missing parent was somehow supposed to provide for them.

Through this blog, I hope to connect with others who have had similar experiences and expose a little craziness, some thoughts, emotions, burning questions, unique issues, and HUMOR that comes with raising kids, whether you are single or not.

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