Reflection: My Breath in the Deep Water

Do you have theme songs for the people in your life?

My theme song for my daughter is Deep Water, by American Authors. The YouTube video can be found here.

When I think about my darkest moments over the past several years – mental health, work, parenting, relationships, questioning self worth – my daughter is my breath in the deep, deep water. When life pulls me under, her presence brings me to the surface with strong, sure strokes. Not in a creepy, dependent, or misplaced reverence kind of way. She is moody, unpredictable, and frustrating but inside that tiny little ball of hot mess is a solid and grounded force that has helped guide me through rough waters since the day I met her.





2 responses to “Reflection: My Breath in the Deep Water”

  1. She is a mini you Shelley!
    We as parents brought these kids into the world, but we didn’t do it alone- what I mean by that is spirit, God, universe, what ever you choose to call it had a hand in it. Giving us the person that would drive us to learn as an adult what we couldn’t as a child. Not because we weren’t smart enough, or because we didn’t want to….but because our own spirit wasn’t able to deal with the things that hurt or even broke us as kids. Our kids are here first to teach us. Wow! Did I just type all of that, I guess something is starting to sink in for me- now if only I could find the courage to let my ego go and have the courage to stop the ghost of my mother before it’s too late.
    Sky is my teacher, Calla is my rescue-ee, and Jett is, well I haven’t figured him out yet!! You Shelley have become someone I can call friend, I don’t have many friends, so thank you once again for being someone I can talk to when it’s very dark inside.

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    1. This is a beautiful expression my friend and reassuring to hear you voice about the different roles your kids play for you and also the lessons they teach. I never thought of it that way before- learning what we didn’t learn as children through them. Thank you for being my friend and for also having courageous conversations always 🤗🤗🤗


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