Micro-moment: My class

I just finished my second session of a class I decided to take this summer at the local rec center. My teacher approached me afterwards and said she was happy to see me come back, she wasn’t sure if I would after last week. I told her this was my special hour once a week all for me and I wasn’t giving it up, no matter how silly I felt.

As I left, I teared up. I love learning and I haven’t taken a regular class for me only in 7 years. I feel good but also really emotional right now. I love the safe space of my new class and the ladies I’ve met there.

6 responses to “Micro-moment: My class”

  1. What class are you taking?!! I want to get back into Zumba…but you know….single momming.

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    1. I know 😦 it is a belly dancing class! And it’s at the senior center! Most of the ladies are older than me, and I’m not that young, but they are pretty good and really into it! I love it!

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  2. Good for you! Taking this time can be so hard to do. I always come up with many excuses and feel guilty for getting away, yet I know the time away is important. You and your kids will benefit from it!

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    1. It certainly is hard. Equally hard is to remember what I loved to do before I had them…..rediscovering that is an activity I never thought I would have to do.


  3. I love this. I just signed up for a ceramics class and have been feeling so selfish about it. In a good way. I wonder what we will do next!

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    1. I just saw this comment. I still am trying to figure out how to navigate WordPress. I’m so old *sigh* don’t feel selfish! That’s easy to say, hard to do. This class has been so good for me, although I’ve had to miss two now due to work travel and sick kids and I have to have a sitter every week so I don’t have to take the kids along but I guess I will try to make it work as best I can. 😃


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