Micro-moment: My class

I just finished my second session of a class I decided to take this summer at the local rec center. My teacher approached me afterwards and said she was happy to see me come back, she wasn’t sure if I would after last week. I told her this was my special hour once a week all for me and I wasn’t giving it up, no matter how silly I felt.

As I left, I teared up. I love learning and I haven’t taken a regular class for me only in 7 years. I feel good but also really emotional right now. I love the safe space of my new class and the ladies I’ve met there.

5 thoughts on “Micro-moment: My class

  1. Good for you! Taking this time can be so hard to do. I always come up with many excuses and feel guilty for getting away, yet I know the time away is important. You and your kids will benefit from it!

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