That Time When Buying Camping Equipment Forced Me Into Foreclosure

I’m sitting in a Freddy’s restaurant eating a hamburger and drinking liquid poison (Pepsi), after a solid workout where I burned at least 300 calories according to the machine I was on. My nose is red from crying and I am THAT guy. Sitting alone at a table, positioned where I can see all the doors to know who is coming and going. When I ordered, the peppy cashier who is currently singing along to the oldies, could not have rolled his eyes any louder at me when I responded to his “how ya doin?” with “I’ve been better.” Look at me, man. I clearly just walked in from the gym, sweaty and wearing spandex. How many of your customers make a beeline here after their workouts? Yeah. That’s what I thought.

This week has been HELL. Aside from the  world exploding around us, I have felt more crazy, sad and alone than I have in awhile. I am preparing for a camping trip with the kids and just spent more money on sleeping pads than my monthly car payment because the air bed I ordered online this week is defective. Or I can’t install batteries correctly, which wouldn’t surprise me.

I feel more socially and professionally awkward than ever. I’m thinking I might feel better if I invest in a nice, recycled brown paper bag and place it over my head when I go in public. Participating in a national training for work this week made me feel way out of my element. Totally humbled to work alongside such talented people in my field.

I engaged a parenting coach this week to help me manage my interactions with my daughter more effectively. I hope to preserve what’s left of my mind. Since I don’t seem to know anyone who encounters the same level of insanity with their daughter regularly, I may keep friends and strangers alike posted through blogging just to get stuff off my chest.

Thanks for listening, social media world. I know this post has not been uplifting or encouraging. Freddy’s Dirt and Worms sundae is looking damn fine about now. Let’s rally.

8 thoughts on “That Time When Buying Camping Equipment Forced Me Into Foreclosure

  1. So weird. This week I have been feeling more alone and isolated than I ever have in my hold journey in motherhood. It’s like this weird black cloud that is over me. I have a full plate of stress right now too! Ugh.

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    • something in the air….awful! It can be such an isolating experience, one that often makes me feel grumpy and bitter. I have to remember how grateful I am too, but we are human, and that’s not always possible. Just got back from our epic one night camping trip- a lot of work but loved seeing the kids so happy.


  2. I totally feel every bit of this. Wish we were neighbors and I could lend you all our camping gear. Just to make that tiny bit of it all better. Do you have a Freecycle group in your area? Or a local Buy Nothing group on Facebook? These two things have saved my single mom bootie for than once!


    • I will have to check into those resources-so we’ve done two camping trips in the past month, one with just me and the kids and the second with family. The second was definitely more fun for the kids because their cousin came along. The first one wasn’t bad. They really stepped up to help momma with putting up the tent, going to the bathroom building together while I monitored from the camp fire, etc. They kind of shed their “let’s depend on momma for everything” and pitched in. It was cool and a good bonding experience 🙂


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