6 Tips for Traveling with Toddlers

1. Make them carry their own luggage. They will learn to appreciate the art of packing light and identifying only the necessities for travel. This also allows momma to pack 4 extra pairs of shoes to ensure proper footwear for all occasions.


2. Download hours of TV programming for the flight. If you have a decent Internet connection speed at home. People who have near dial-up speed connections may only be able to download 7 ten-minute episodes of Peppa Pig in 24 hours.


3. Be conversant with all forms of television in order to provide ongoing TV viewing once you arrive at your destination. For example, when you don’t speak dish, you are screwed.


4. Create fascinating living spaces in their room in an attempt to keep them interested in sleeping in their own bed (and not in yours) during the trip. Getting enough sleep will help you avoid the embarrassing dilemma of sleeping on public benches (although scrap this tip if you are hoping to have one uninterrupted meal).





5. Encourage your kids to get out and engage the locals. They will improve their social skills and learn to expertly navigate any situation. Here, my daughter is asking a resident for directions to the bathroom. She ended up securing a date with his son for the next night.


6. If all else fails, bury the most troublesome at the local beach.


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